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8 Tips for Choosing a Massage Gun

A massage gun is an excellent device for muscle recovery. They combine percussion with vibration therapy, using oscillation and rapid, repetitive pressure to ease muscle tension and soreness, increase blood flow, and help you quickly get back to your workouts.

Here’s how to choose the best massage gun for your needs.

Portability of the massage gun

Although this device is a handheld massager, some models are bulky. Get one you’ll easily fit into a bag if you plan on taking it with you while traveling or to the gym.

At Ultra Recovery, every percussion massager comes with a portable carry case.

Unique features of the massage gun

The most notable unique features include pressure sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, mobile app control, heating, and cooling. Few models have them, making your therapy seamless and more convenient.

Our UltraGun Elite is the only massage gun with heating and cooling treatment, while the UltraGun Prime provides only the latter. The Elite model even has intelligent battery protection, shutting down automatically after 15 minutes.

Speed of operation

Higher speeds mean more intense massages, but every handheld massager has variable speeds, and some allow you to adjust comfort levels. Choose one with multiple speeds suitable for both sore and aching muscles.

Our models have a 24V brushless motor with adjustable speeds, the UltraGun Elite having the most levels (30) and revolutions per minute (1200-3600 RPM).

Different designs

You may not care about the aesthetics, but you undoubtedly want a well-designed, ergonomic device that doesn’t make your hands and arms hurt after prolonged use.

Your percussion massager should also have an anti-skid, multi-grip handle with a rotating arm like UltraGun Pro to easily access hard-to-reach areas for a full-body massage.

Battery life of the massage gun

Long battery life is vital in a handheld massager to minimize charging frequency. How long a battery lasts on a single charge depends primarily on the massage intensity, but you’ll want a powerful one.

Our UltraGun Elite features a rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery that lasts four hours when massaging at full speed, longer than the average.


You don’t want to transfer the strain and fatigue from your muscles to your arms, so look for a lightweight massager (less than three pounds). That will also ensure your safety, as you’ll be able to hold the device steadily during intense massages.

Level of noise

Some massage guns are unpleasantly loud and inconvenient to use around other people. Fortunately, others are so quiet you can barely hear the motor working.

Opt for one between 55-65 dB if you prefer quiet operation. Our UltraGun Pro’s brushless motor is fainter than most models, with a noise level of 60 dB.


Price doesn’t necessarily indicate quality and vice versa, so don’t overpay for your percussion massager. You can find a top-notch device at a competitive price.

Consider the tips above before comparing prices to choose a high-quality massager that perfectly suits your needs.


Choosing a massage gun may seem complicated, but these tips will streamline the process. Look for these features and any extras you might get at the same price, and you’ll find the best device to treat your muscles with a daily massage or post-workout relaxation.

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